Anthology 2014: Thinking Through Our Fingers

Written By: Tom Hessler

Sacramento Suburban Writers Club had thirty-four entries of short stories and poems contributed by twenty-five member authors for our 2014 anthology, Thinking Through Our Fingers. Entries include:

Sierra High – Barbara Jodry
Right, Left, Right, Left – Thomas Hessler
Franz Josef Glacier – April Edsberg
The Essence of Time – Eras M. Cochran
A Lie – Jeannie Stark Turner
Grandpa – Nan Roark
A Pearl Harbor Diary – Penny Howard
On One Foot in China – Barbara Jodry
Watching their Dance – Therese Crutcher-Marin
The Magical Summer: A Yosemite Romance – Pat Biasotti
And the River Flows – Rebecca Beich
The Return Home to Lukunga – Aleta Kazadi
Glenn Miller’s Final Flight – Penny Howard
Visitors at Two – Bonnie Bair
Troubles With Clunker – Eras M. Cochran
Aftermath – Mort Rumberg
Shop Talk – Anthony Marcolongo
The Muses – Michelle Silver
Picking Jamil – M.L.Edson
Breakfast at Kate’s Café – R.J. Machado De Quevedo
The Clan McDonald – C.T. Meadows
The Unfortunate Incident – Suzanne J. Shephard
Cornerstone – R.J. Machado De Quevedo
Reflections on Einstein – Westley Turner
Escape Mechanism – Nan Roark
A Fond Adieu to Aunty Etta – Pat Biasotti
Answered – Jeannie Stark Turner
Frog Boy – Robin E.D. Robinson
Dump Button – Lynette Blumhardt
Live to Fight Another Day – Jeff Parsons
Intergalactic Fish and Lizards – Roberta “Bert” Davis
When Harry Met Holly – Phil Braverman
Just Askin’ – M.L. Edson