Books by our Members

Written By: SSWC Writers

Here are some books written by our member authors. Many can be found on Amazon for purchase, just follow the links (links active for current members only).

Charles BeaverPonies for my Father
Rebecca BeichSecurity
Phil BravermanOutsourcing Grandma Sylvia
Andrea BuckrothMy Diabetic Soul – An Autobiography
My Money and Me … A Child’s Story
Gisela ButlerMy Flight to Freedom
Sheri CockrellIncredible Business
Mom Entrepreneur
R.J.Machado De QuevedoThe Deceiver
Broken Seed
Sanctuary of Fire
M.L.EdsonThe Six Rivers Killer
Doing Life with a Map
Grammar Guardian
Poems from an Old White Broad
Not Even a Shadow
Al Gilding, Sr.The Bible is a Parable
The Exodus According to "G"
David HammershockWind to Water
Shawn Hanson140 and Counting (Anthology)
Scribbled Stories, V. 1
Tom HesslerThe Caucasus: A Novel
Aleta KazadiThe First Adventures of Mr. Roulage
Bryson KilmerPoint Hope
Joanne LangIncredible Business
Make Your Connections Count
Frank Leek, Ph.D.Shared Parenting - Beyond the Great Divide
Linda LohmanNot Your Mother's Book on Dogs (published in)
Chicken Soup for the Soul (published in):
  • Thanks,Mom; Tales of Christmas
  • Gifts of Christmas; Grandma's;
  • Inspiration for the Young at Heart
  • Lemons to Lemonade
  • Finding Your Happiness
John MarchelKISS Guide to Gambling
Terry Burke MaxwellThe CompuResource Book
Arithmetic in English
Fractions: Basic Math Skills
Decimals: Basic Math Skills
Animal Symphony (illus. by Jay Bishop)
Eye from the Edge by Ruben Llamas, Earth Patch Press (publisher of)
Robert M. PacholikCrab Louie
Marsha RossRun or Flunk
My Cat Swims
Flying Bear
Dumb Dog
Don't Mess with Me
No, Not Again
I Want to be A Christmas Tree
Nana's Pocketbook
Mort RumbergCode Name: Snake
Sting of the Geisha
Retirement Policy
Attack on Camp David
Five — Five Exceptional Stories
Amanda SteedleyI've Been Picked: Choppers "Tails" of Adoption
I'm Not Sick: Choppers Tails of the Doctor
Eva WiseDreams