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Written By: SSWC Writers - May• 08•17

Peggy DullePantser or Outliner? Where do you belong?

Peggy Dulle will be talking about the great question: To outline or not to outline. The essential question to all writers is whether to outline or not. Some of us are outliners, those who make a roadmap of their book before they ever begin to weave the story. Then there are the non-outliners who are often called a “pantser.” Come listen as Peggy Dulle explains the pros and cons of both, then discover how she’s managed to cross genre boundaries and write in multiple categories.

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  1. Mark Heckey says:

    I am 65 years young and old enough to try to write. I am looking to grow as a writer. I have been taking a Great Courses on line fiction class and have developed a few short exercise pieces and one short story. Do you have a rookie group? Hope to get tips and have a place to read for positive input.


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